What is GSTIN

GSTIN stand for Goods and Services Tax Indentification Number. It is part of GST. This is 15 digits Identification number and it will be issued to every registered business. It is also PAN (Parmanent Account Nummber) based number. It helps in filing GST.

Know Your GSTIN

GSTIN is a combination of 15 alpha and numeric digits. Here is an example of GSTIN in the below.


I am now showing you break down of GSTIN.

  1. First two digits represent the state code. The state code is that number which shows where you are doing business. So GST defines the code of each state of India.
  2. Next 10 digits show PAN number of business entity or proprietor.
  3. The thirteenth digit will identify as to how many GSTIN issues for the same PAN number within a state.
  4. The fourteenth digit is fixed by “Z“. It is same for all GSTINs.
  5. The fifteenth digit will be check code. it may be alphabet or numeric.

What is the eligibility for GSTIN?

Do you have a business? It looks, of course, you are in a business that’s why you want to know about GSTIN registration. But before registration, you must know the eligibility criteria for GSTIN.

  1. If you have a business turn over more than 40 lakhs in a year then you are eligible for GSTIN registration. However, in some states, there is 20 Lakh turn over the limit for GSTIN registration.
  2. If you have e-commerce business then it is compulsory to get registration of GSTIN.

How to apply for GSTIN?

There are two ways to get GSTIN Registration.

  1. Through the GST portal.
  2. You have the option to visit GST Seva Kedra introduced by Govt. of India

Through the GST portal, you have an easy GSTIN registration process. For details click here.

What is the cost of GSTIN registration?

The great thing is about GSTIN is that GSTIN registration is absolutely free. There is no any charges or fees for application from the Government of India.

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