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Courier Billing Software(Lifetime)


Top Courier billing software Benefits:

  • Save up to Rs.12000.
  • No Risk! 100% Cash Back*.
  • Lifetime Validity*.
  • Easy and Simple software.

Top Courier billing software Features:

  • Multiple Carriers management
  • Manual/Auto Pricing Zone and Weight Wise**
  • Consignments Management
  • Zone, Carrier and Destination managements
  • Invoicing| Sales and GST Report|

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Top No.1 Courier billing software features & Techs:

Get instant courier software download

Upon successful order confirmation, you will get courier billing software to excel download free instantly from the “My Account>>Download” section. Without waiting, just place an order and get it instantly and start billing.

Onetime Payment and valid for the lifetime

The validity of software is a lifetime for a system. So, No renewal required to pay for this software validity. However technical support is not valid for a lifetime. We provide seven days of free technical support. Technical support renewal is optional and required when you have any issues with the software. If the software is running perfectly then you don’t need to pay for technical support.

Top Easy Courier Software

Courier software is very simple and user-friendly. Technical knowledge is not compulsory to work on this software. It has a simple interface because MS Excel is the base of this software. Most of the users know about MS excel and we are sure you are friendly with MS EXCEL.

Simple courier billing software Invoice format

The modern design of tax invoice which can print on  A4 size paper. In the invoice format you have an Invoice number, invoice date, PO number, Payment Mode, Consignment details, GSTIN Details, Customer details, Bank account details, invoice amount in words, GST ready calculation,  supply type, GST bill, create invoices sgst cgst, courier invoice template, etc.

  • One-click customer’s consignments details will display over invoice.
  • One-click PDF invoice production
  • One point to Clear Invoice data
  • Once shot to record invoice to the sale
  • Automatic Invoice number
  • SAC /A4 Print Invoice
  • Display Consignment details with carriers, destination, weight, fuel charges, total charges over invoice.

Multiple Carriers /Couriers Management

Manage multiple carriers or courier companies with separate fuel charges. You can list many carriers and use them later on during consignment entry. This is a one-time entry process.

Destinations & Zones/Stations Management

Destination means where consignment will be delivered or its called city name. Here another feature added is that you can create 5 Zones/stations and put city according to zone/station. The zone is important to calculate the pricing for consignment. This is a one-time process you need to enter all your destination and Zone lists so during consignment entry you can easily use them as required.

Consignments Entry Management

In courier software, consignment means parcel or document which require to deliver wanted destination. So, during consignment entry, you need to enter the following details

  1. Customer Name
  2. Carriers name
  3. Consignment number or docket number
  4. Destination
  5. weight
  6. Manual pricing
  7. Auto pricing *

*Auto pricing (customer and zone-wise) is as per our system fixed/default format if it will apply to your business then ok otherwise you can go for our manual pricing option. No modification allowed without extra cost.

Now one click to send consignment data to the database or records. On one click to the clear consignment entry form. All consignments details will be saved in the database or records so you can use them during invoicing.

Ground and air shipping mode courier software

In this version of courier software, you can set prices for ground and air mode of shipping. So, this advanced version where you have more courier billing features.

Manual & Automatic courier Tariff by Zone & weight Wise

In this version, you have the option to calculate price or tariff automatically on the basis of Zone and weight. For example, if you have set Karan as a customer and put  Zone1 Cost Rs.50 per 500 gms. you have also set Delhi as ZONE 1 city. Now we have 500 gms weight of a parcel for Delhi of Ram. Now how to calculate the price. As soon as you will enter the consignment number, destination, shipping mode (Air/Ground), and weigh. the price will be calculated as Rs.50 for 500 gms parcels for Delhi.

You can customize auto pricing for 10 companies in this version and you can increase it by paying the additional cost for adding more.

Important Declaimer for auto pricing

**Auto pricing (customer and zone-wise) is as per our system fixed/default format if it will apply to your business then ok otherwise you can go for our manual pricing option. No modification allowed without extra cost.

Customers Management

List your customer details with a contact number. So, you can use their record in the future.

Invoicing for customers

End of the month or end of the billing cycle you can create an invoice for your customers. Here is a very easy step to generate an invoice

  1. Select your customer name to whom you want to raise the invoice
  2. Enter bill from date and bill to date
  3. Click on create invoice and consignments entries will display on the invoice for your customer during two dates or billing cycle.
  4. The invoice will show the total invoice amount
  5. One-click to convert the invoice into the PDF a Print it or email it.

Sale Report/GST Report

You can generate a sale report so it will help to file GST return.

Courier Software is suitable for small businesses

We design it for Indian small businesses and freelancers. So, the software is built especially for Indian entrepreneurs. it is idle for courier service providers, courier agency and logistic service providers.

Courier Management software

This is a courier and logistics-related services.

Support and Updates

  • Free Installation within the free support period
  • Documentation
  • Video support included.
  • 7 days of technical support included.
  • additional support and Updates are chargeable.

System Requirements:

  • Dual-core Processor with minimum 3 GB RAM
  • Windows 7 and above
  • D drive
  • MS-office 2013/2016/365 Inkjet/Lesser printer

Courier Invoice format



Top FAQs

Is this GST ready courier software?

Yes. This is fully GST ready billing software.

 Can I file a GST return from this software?

This software generates GST return reports which help you to file GST return. So it is helpful software for return.

Is there a renewal cost for this GST software?

No. We don’t charge any renewal cost because it is lifetime free GST software for a system. We only charge for support but support renewal is not compulsory and required only if you have an issue with software.

How will I get this software?

First of all, you have to place an order on our website by clicking on the “Buy Now” button and complete the rest order process with payment. Upon successful order confirmation, you have access to free download billing software from your “My Account >>Download” section. This is an instant process.  We don’t send physical CD/DVD for this software because it is a downloadable product.

Do you offer free installation help to install software?

Absolutely right. We also offer free installation assistance via LIVE remote access if you have any installation trouble. Our technical support will be always with you for your success.

What type of businesses support by this GST software?

This is a very good question. We have designed this software for small retail shops that have small transactions in size. Like retail shops were 500 and fewer invoices generated in a month.

Do you offer a demo or trial?

Right. you have the option to check our demo video where you can know how it works and how it will fulfill your requirements. Click here for a demo video. However, we don’t offer a direct demo/trail where you can download and use it on your system. We are working on this. But, our demo video is a real demo where you will see whole billing features, and surely, it will work as mentioned in the video.

What are the payments methods?

Good to know that you are now ready to become part of the Suryainfoweb team. We offer various options to make payment for your order. We have the following payment option.

  1. Credit/Debit Cards and Net banking
  2. UPI payments from BHIM/Google Pay app or Your bank UPI app
  3. Paytm QR

“Please, we have offer for you that if you can make payment via UPI/Paytm QR then you will get discount upto 5% instantly upon selecting these payment option.”

*30 days money back

*Lifetime validity means the software is valid for a lifetime for a system but technical support is not free for lifetime.

License Type

Starter License, Silver License, Gold License


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